Food and Beverage


There are kitchens equipped with the latest equipment and devices in all hotels.
A team of chefs Turks, Egyptians and assistants at the highest level of expertise in the food and beverage area.
Al Aseel hotels provide breakfast and dinner buffets for Turkish companies as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner for Egyptian groups as well as meals for East Asian countries and Indonesia.
The food and beverage management is ready to meet the needs of groups of meals
Al Aseel Plaza hotels offer free hospitality to the pilgrims in-room tea with different flavors, as well as coffee , nescafe , precious Arabic coffee , a selection of herbal health drinks such as green tea, star anise and other.
Al Aseel Plaza hotels offer water free of charge to all guests.
The food and beverage department to follow all safety and sterilization systems to ensure food quality and safety.